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RASC Merchandise Available From OK Centre:


RASC Observers Calendar     

   Club members can place their order(s) for the RASC Calendar by contacting Anita and John Carpenter at ajcarp@ecentral.com

Explore the Universe Guide   $16.00


T-shirts - white RASC logo     $15.00  

             - dark Moon phases   $20.00 

Toque  - RASC Logo           $18.00


Lapel Pins  - RASC Logo     $10.00


Cloth Crests - RASC and 150th Anniversary  $5.00  -  $11.00

Stickers - RASC Logo   $ 2.50

#14 Welders Glass $4.00

Keychain - RASC Logo  $ 3.00


Cards - Various member astrophotography  $ 4.00


All of the above prices include taxes and these items are available from Anita and John Carpenter at our meetings on breaks or afterwards. Please remember that any markup on these items goes towards supporting our club activities. 



 Email: trailspublishing@telus.net with your member ad.


For Sale - Orion SkyQuest XT12 IntelliScope f/4.9 Dobsonian for sale for the $1500 that I paid for it. It has an attractive bronze-coloured metal tube, 2-inch focuser, and a 9x50 correct image, right angle finder. The mirror seems to be good quality, but I have never tested it on planets. It is supposed to be a computerized push-to telescope, but it didn't come with any instructions and I frankly don't know whether that function works since it is not needed for a Dobsonian.
  I am working through the Herschel 2500 list of objects discovered by William Herschel and objects close to the north celestial pole are very difficult to access with the German Equatorial Mount that my 16-inch sits on. So I used the Orion 12-inch Dob to get all of the H2500 objects north of declination 72. Having done so, I no longer need the 12-inch.
  The scope is in like-new condition -- there are no scratches on the paint. The scope is located south of Penticton. I no longer have a vehicle that can transport it. Pick it up for a bank certified cheque for $1,500.  2-inch 40mm Meade Series 5000 60-degree Plossl that works well on this scope: $150. Email Alan Whitman at alandouglaswhitman@gmail.com


For Sale: Daystar Quark Chromosphere Solar filter 4.3x Barlow - $1,650Cdn; Astronomik UR-IR Block L3 filter 2” -$100cdn;  QHY5III174m planetary camera - $750cdn.  Total $2,500Cdn. Reach out to afontenla.telus@outlook.com if interested or want to see pictures of equipment.


For Sale: Celestron NexStar 8SE 8” classic Schmidt-Cassegrain computerized telescope. Updated with a fully automated Go-To mount with > 40,000 objects in it’s database.  SkyAlign technology gets the scope aligned and ready to go in minutes.  Sturdy, telescopic mount. $1,200. Contact seller  at rlgolden07@gmail.com.   Telescope details:  https://www.celestron.com/products/nexstar-8se-computerized-telescope. Pictures: https://rascoc.zenfolio.com/p888731762/ef199c30b. (Jan.1/22


For Sale: ZWO 36mm Narrowband Filter Set. $595.00 includes Ha 7nm, OIII 7nm and SII 7nm for an additional $200.00 I will add the ZWO Broadband 36mm Filter set of LRGB.  The Broadband Set will not be sold separately. Email or call for details, pictures are available.  terryadr@gmail.com  250-864-9286.  (July 9/21)


For Sale: Orion 80 mm f/7/5 ED Refractor telescope and Orion Sirius EQ-G Equatorial Mount.  Bought in 2013 and used maybe two or three times.   Paid $1,725 US for it.  Hoping to get $1,200.  Phone 250-317-1078.


For Sale: Meade Lightbridge 16” f4.06, fl 1829mm. Felt strips for altitude control (teflon was too slippery). Stock Lazy Susan roller bearings for azimuth. Excellent smooth motion, even at 300x. Mirror & secondary in good shape. Battery compartment for 12v battery pack (included). 8x50 Finderscope. Telrad base (you supply the Telrad). Stock Meade focuser works great. Also included are: Three 2.5lbs weights that are press fit onto the feet of the mirror box. Add or remove as needed. I usually used all of them due to the weight of 2” eyepieces. Astrosystems Lightshroud, US $80.00. Astrosystems Field Cover,  US $114.00. The optics give great views, seeing conditions dependant of course. My best views of Jupiter were with this scope. Pick up only but open to reasonable suggestions. Scope is setup in my back yard, ready for a star test. Peachland B.C.  CAN $1,250.00 obo.  Email Mark Force dirtbagpook@gmail.com (250) 767-6132. (March 30 /19).