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RASC Merchandise Available From OK Centre:


RASC Observers Calendar     $15.00

   Club members can place their order(s) for the 2011 RASC Calendar by contacting Frank Stariha at frasta@telus.net.

The Beginner's Observing Guide   $15.00


Starwheel (Planisphere)   $15.00


Cloth Crests   $13.00


RASC Stickers   $ 0.75


#14 Welders Glass $4.00


RASC Logo Toque  $20.00


Keychains $ 3.00


Lapel pins $ 6.00


All of the above prices include taxes and these items are available from our Treasurer at our meetings on breaks or afterwards. Please remember that any markup on these items goes towards supporting our club activities. See the RASC e-store for pictures and details.



RASC OK Centre Members Buy & Sell  (Newest Ad's First)

Email one of the co-webmasters at sunnyokanagan@telus.net or trailspublishing@telus.net with your member ad.


For Sale - Skywatcher Short Tube Achromatic Refractor. Diameter: 102mm. Counter Weight. Focal Length: 500mm. Piggyback Bracket for Astrophotography. F/Ratio: F5 with adjustable camera mount. Highest Practical Power: 204X. 2 – 2X Barlow Lenses. Faintest Stellar Magnitude: 13.1 3 – Plossl Eyepieces, 10mm, 20mm & 25mm. Mount: Equatorial EQ2. 90 degree Diagonal Mirror. Motor Drive Manual. All Equipment in Flawless Condition. Asking $525.00. Contact: Glenn at oldgolfer@shaw.ca

For Sale. Celestron Nextar 80GTL computerized refractor telescope. Was a gift... used once and put back in the box. $250.00O o.b.o.  David 250-765-4406.

For Sale. 300 mm /1500mm (12") Collapsible Dobsonian. For further information contact Percy Crosthwaite 250-594-5858.

For Sale. Tasco Galaxsee Model 675. Tripod, 3 eyepieces, star pointer finder. Asking $75 OBO. Phone R. Horn at 250-768-1785.

Asking $200 for this scientifically designed new Dynascope offers all the essential features for superior viewing. Constructed of lifetime material and engineered for maximum stability, yet is extremely light. And look at these other quality features in this exciting new instrument. 6-INCH PARABOLIC MIRROR accurate to & frac18; wave. Ground and polished to exacting specifications. Aluminized by vacuum-chamber process. Protected with layer of silicon quartz. New SYN-O-MATIC Electric Drive totally enclosed, with self-acting clutch. . 3 matched eyepieces - 75x, 150x, 341x. Powers can be tripled with Goodwin Barlow, other sizes available. 6 x 30 Crosshair Finderscope. Fully Achromatic, with micrometer focusing. Heavy duty Mount with setting circle, . Rack-and-pinion eyepiece holder for smooth accurate focusing. Rotating tube for more comfortable viewing. Strong lightweight tripod for sure, steady support.  Contact Brad in Coldstream at 260-1448.