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What's Up...
Some observing hilights
to look forward to...

The following tips on current and upcoming astronomical events
have been gathered from magazines and other sources by Dave Gamble
with the objective of giving OC RASC members a heads-up on
special personal
astro-experiences to look forward to.

Wed. Aug. 5 - As it did last month, the Moon will visit Uranus in the night sky. Look two widths of the Moon above it to locate the blue-green outer planet.

Thurs. Aug. 6 - This is Last Quarter Moon night. Get set for dark skies for deep sky observing as well as the Perseid meteors next Wednesday the 12th.

Sat. Aug. 8 - Tonight the waning Moon will pass north of bright Aldebaran in Taurus in the eastern early morning sky.

Wed. Aug. 12 - This is a very exciting time of the year as one of the most prominent meteor showers, the Perseids, peaks. This year the Moon will be out of the way allowing a full display of 'shooting stars' tonight and into the wee hours on Thursday with the peak at 11pm.

Thurs. Aug. 13 - The thin sliver of waning Moon will pass south of Mars in the pre-dawn sky. The red planet has now emerged into the morning sky to begin its long, slow journey toward evening skies and its next opposition on May 22, 2016.

Fri. Aug. 14 - This is New Moon night and the heart of the dark sky observing/sketching/imaging period for August. Nice and mild too.

Sat. Aug. 15 - Just for the record (and for any very ambitious observers/imagers), Venus reaches inferior conjunction today, preparing for a season of Morning Star appearances. It will be about the width of four fingers south of the Sun in the daytime sky.

Sun. Aug. 16 - It will be tricky to see low near the western horizon, but a very thin crescent Moon will pass just south of the innermost planet Mercury this evening.

Thurs. Aug. 20 - Mars poses in the M44 Beehive star cluster low in the dawn sky.

Sat. Aug. 22 - The First Quarter Moon will pass north of Saturn in the evening sky tonight.

Sat. Aug. 29   - The Full Moon has arrived again, doing its practice run for next month's Harvest Moon performance. This full moon takes place as our lunar neighbour is near the closest part of its orbit (perihelion) to Earth, and is therefore slightly larger than average.

Sat. Aug. 29 - For early risers who like a challenge, Venus will be about the width of your fist below Mars in the pre-dawn sky.