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Kelowna Tues. October 27  7.15pm

  Kelowna Vice President Olaf Lutz has arranged an all star program for the October joint meeting and AGM. The main  presentation will be by Ken Tapping  titled  'Does Ground Based Astronomy Have a Future?'. Canada has just become part of an international consortium to build a 30 meter optical telescope. We are also investing in the Square Kilometre Array, the largest radio telescope ever, and we are shareholders in a number of major existing international astronomy facilities. However, despite this exciting activity that should keep good science coming for the next decade or two, the longer term does not look good.
On the optical side we are seeing increasing light pollution and bright man-made lights in the sky. Radio astronomy is seeing even more serious problems, being faced with a radio spectrum more full of man-made radio signals than ever before, and thanks to smart phones and other portable electronics, there are more transmitters than ever. Then, of course, we are increasing our investment in spaceborne astronomical instruments, which will inevitibly impact investment of observatories on the ground.
Where will ground-based astronomy be in two or three decades from now? At this point we have no definitive answer, but in this talk we will review the problems, what we are doing now to work around the problems, and an eventual  scenario for ground-based astronomy, including the astronomy we do from our backyards.

The Constellation of the Month will feature Jim Tisdale on a subject to  be announced.
Please note that being a joint meeting, it will begin at 7:15pm in
 in Room C368 of the Lab Building at the Okanagan College Kelowna Campus, 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna.

Vernon Meeting Group
- Okanagan Science Centre
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
See map

Kelowna Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Science building
KLO Road, Kelowna. 
See map

Penticton  Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Sunoka Building
583 Duncan Ave. W. Penticton

See map

Meetings held in Kelowna on the  Fourth Tuesday of the month starting in September 
at the
Okanagan College Science Building KLO Road

September 22, 2015    7:30 at OC
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 24, 2015    7:30 at OC
December 22, 2015    7:30 at OC

January 26, 2016    7:30 at OC   
February 23, 2016  7:30 at OC
March 22, 2016      7:30 at OC       
April 26, 2016        7:30 at OC
**May 28, 2016    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
June 28, 2016       7:30 at OC   

Meetings held in Penticton on the
 Fourth Thursday of the month starting in September 
at Okanagan College Penticton. 
September 24, 2015       7:15 at OC
* October 27, 2015          7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 26, 2015         7:15 at OC
December 17, 2015         7:15 at OC

January 28, 2016               7:15 at OC
February 25, 2016             7:15 at OC
March 24, 2016                  7:15 at OC
April 28, 2016                     7:15 at OC
 **May 28, 2016               Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
June 23, 2016                     7:15 at OC

Meetings held in Vernon on
the last Wednesday of the month
at the OSC Okanagan Science Centre (* exception)
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon

September 30, 2015                    7:15
(*) at
                                           Murray Haimur's
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
     Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
 November 25, 2015                   7:15 at OSC
 December 30, 2015                    7:15 at OSC

January 27, 2016                      7:15 at OSC
February 24, 2016                    7:15 at OSC
March 30, 2016                         7:15 at OSC
April 27, 2016                            7:15 at OSC
**May 28, 2016                           Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
June 29, 2016                            7:15 at OSC

* denotes the Annual General Meeting held at 7:15 at Okanagan College Kelowna

** denotes a combined meeting between the Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon Chapters


The Observatory www.okanaganobservatory.ca is in regular use, weather permitting. To learn how to access the location for observing please contact Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca. For the status of weekly public open nights call the Sky phone at at (250) 300-8SKY (8759) after 3:00PM Friday afternoons.