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RASC OK Centre Upcoming Meetings

Kelowna  meeting Tues. March 3

  The main presentation at the March meeting in Kelowna will feature one of our newest members  Gio Andreis  doing a program entitled 'Wide Field for Astrophotography'. Gio was attached to the Vancouver Center for more than twenty years and now makes his home in Kelowna. He is an avid astro-photographer and he will discuss how he got started with basic equipment followed by different types of set-ups and more advanced equipment. He will also share some retouching techniques to help members get their photos ready for presentation. Gio will illustrate his talk with a variety of his own photographs and will throw the floor open to questions and discussion on conclusion. Astro-photographers, old hands, newbies and wannabes alike, should not mis out on this opportunity. If you only learn one thing, it's one thing more than you knew before.

The Constellation of the Month will feature Hugh Pett who will follow up on his presentation of 
May 2014 and catch us up on the progress made this past year on the radio observatory project.

The meeting will be held at 7:30pm in the Lab Building at the Okanagan College Kelowna Campus
 in Room C368.

Penticton  meeting Thurs. March 5

The Penticton meeting on March 5 will feature astronomer Tony Willis who has been involved with radio astronomy for over 40 years and is a leading authority on black holes. As a frequent collaborator at DRAO, he is no stranger to Penticton RASC meetings, and he will present a talk on 'Black Holes: A Current Status' to the meeting, a repeat of the presentation he will make on March 2 in conjunction with the Okanagan College.
At one time scientists thought that black holes were just a mathematical curiosity. However astronomers now believe that black holes are largely responsible for many of the violent phenomena that are seen in the universe. Advances in technology are also enabling astronomers to get ever closer to detection of emission from regions close to a black hole's 'event horizon'. Tony's talk will discuss some of the recent observations of events believed to be caused by black holes.

The meeting will be held at 7.15pm in the regular C O2 meeting room in the Sunoka building 
of the Penticton campus of Okanagan College.

Vernon meeting Wed. March 25

The pre-meeting session at 6.30 PM will lead off with a Merritt Star Quest Video
This year's MSQ will take place between September 11 -22.

The main meeting will feature a presentation by Dave Gamble  titled  'Romancing the Moon', an anthology about our nearest celestial neighbour beginning with how it formed, and tracing its influence on human life. Get set to explore lunar myths, superstition, romance and exploration as human life reached out to literally touch the Moon.
John Karlsson will present a Mystery Constellation and Observing Challanges for March.
The pre-meeting gathering begins at 6.30pm with the regular meeting starting at 7.15pm, in the Heritage Hall of the Okanagan Science Centre (building to the right of the main Science Centre entrance on the northeast side of Polson Park just off Highway 6).

2015 OC RASC/Okanagan Observatory Annual Fund Raising Dinner Sat. May 23 

This special dinner evening brings together members from all three meeting groups together with interested members of the public to enjoy a great dinner, a super speaker and a gala social evening. Featured speaker will be  Bob MacDonald, CBC Radio's host of 'Quirks and Quarks' and author of 'Canadian Spacewalkers'.
The evening will begin a with drinks and a social hour at 5pm at the Kelowna Curling Club, 551 Recreation Ave., Kelowna, and will include displays, a silent auction, a great dinner and the featured speaker.
Tickets for the Dinner and Speaker are $40 which are available at monthly meetings or from lead chair David Hawkins. There are also limited seating tickets for the speaker alone at $20 starting at 7pm available through Select Your Own Tickets.com or at the Prospera Place Box Office in Kelowna. Any remaining tickets will be $25 cash at the door.


Vernon Meeting Group
- Okanagan Science Centre
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
See map

Kelowna Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Science building
KLO Road, Kelowna. 
See map

Penticton  Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Sunoka Building
583 Duncan Ave. W. Penticton

See map

Meetings held in Kelowna on the First Tuesday of the month until May, 
and then Fourth Tuesday of the month starting in September 
at the
Okanagan College Science Building KLO Road

January 6, 2015    7:30 at OC   
February 3, 2015  7:30 at OC
March 3, 2015       7:30 at OC       
April 7, 2015          7:30 at OC
May 5, 2015           7:30 at OC
May 23, 201
5    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)

               -------Summer Break -------

September 22, 2015    7:30 at OC
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 24, 2015    7:30 at OC
December 22, 2015    7:30 at OC

Meetings held in Penticton on the
First Thursday of the month until May, and then Fourth Thursday of the month starting in September 
at Okanagan College Penticton. 
January 8, 2015              7:15 at OC
February 5, 2015            7:15 at OC
March 5, 2015                 7:15 at OC
April 2, 2015                    7:15 at OC
May 7, 2015                     7:15 at OC
May 23, 2015    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)

-------Summer Break -------

September 24, 2015       7:15 at OC
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 26, 2015         7:15 at OC
December 17, 2015         7:15 at OC

Meetings held in Vernon on the last Wednesday of the month
Last Wednesday of the month at the
OSC Okanagan Science Centre
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
January 28, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 February 25, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 March 25, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 April 29, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 May 23, 2015    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
 June 24, 2015                    7:15 at OSC

-------Summer Break -------

September 30, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
     Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
 November 25, 2015                   7:15 at OSC
 December 30, 2015                    7:15 at OSC

* denotes the Annual General Meeting held at 7:15 at Okanagan College Kelowna


The Observatory www.okanaganobservatory.ca is in regular use, weather permitting. To learn how to access the location for observing please contact Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca. For the status of weekly public open nights call the Sky phone at at (250) 300-8SKY (8759) after 3:00PM Friday afternoons.