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RASC OK Centre Upcoming Meetings


Kelowna  meeting Tues. June 28

The Constellation of the Month will be presented by Vlado Neykov on the subject 'Planet X: Where are You?', and 'What is in common between Carl Sagan, Martin Koning, Valia Balkanska and the Voyager space program?'

The Main Program will feature Richard Christie who will present: 'Chelyabinsk: The Greatest Fireball Witnessed in Modern Times'.

The meeting will be held at 7:30pm in the Lab Building at the Okanagan College Kelowna Campus
 in Room C368.

Penticton meeting Wed. Sept. 21

  The meeting will take place at 7.15pm on Wednesday September 21  at the Penticton campus of Okanagan College. It will feature Gordon Lacey of the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (DRAO). located at White Lake. This should be an outstanding program featuring Gordon's  latest work being done at DRAO.

The meeting will be held at 7.15pm in the regular C O2 meeting room in the Sunoka building 
of the Penticton campus of Okanagan College.

Vernon meeting Wednesday, September 28

The Novice Pre-Meeting will take place at 6.30pm and will feature our
Second Annual
 Astronomy Game Show 
with teams showing off their astronomical knowledge by answering astronomy related questions for prizes!

The main program at 7.15pm  will be an exploration by member Jim Kanester of Polar alignment from simple for observing to Complex for Astrophotography through your scope.

Member Shawn Berglund will present some  
Observing Challenges for October and November

The pre-meeting session and the regular meeting will be held in the Heritage Hall to the right of the main entracne to the Okanagan Science Centre

Vernon Meeting Group
- Okanagan Science Centre
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
See map

Kelowna Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Science building
KLO Road, Kelowna. 
See map

Penticton  Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Sunoka Building
583 Duncan Ave. W. Penticton

See map

Meetings held in Kelowna on the  Fourth Tuesday of the month starting in September 
at the
Okanagan College Science Building KLO Road

January 26, 2016    7:30 at OC   
February 23, 2016  7:30 at OC
March 22, 2016      7:30 at OC       
April 26, 2016        7:30 at OC
 National President James Edgar visit
**May 28, 2016    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
June 28, 2016       7:30 at OC  

September 20, 2016    7:30 at OC
* October 18, 2016    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 15, 2016    7:30 at OC
December 20, 2016    7:30 at OC

Meetings held in Penticton on the
Third Thursday of the month with exceptions
at Okanagan College Penticton. 
January 28, 2016               7:15 at OC
February 25, 2016             7:15 at OC
March 30, 2016                  7:15 at OC
April 22, 2016                     
7:15 at OC
**April 26, 2016  7:30 in Kelowna  Nat. Pr. James Edgar 
**May 28, 2016               Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
June 16, 2016                     7:15 at OC

September 21, 2016       7:15 at OC (Wednesday)
*October 18, 2016    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 17, 2016         7:15 at OC
December 15, 2016         7:15 at OC

Meetings held in Vernon on
the last Wednesday of the month
at the OSC Okanagan Science Centre (* exception)
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon

January 27, 2016                      7:15 at OSC
February 24, 2016                    7:15 at OSC
March 30, 2016                         7:15 at OSC
**April 26, 2016  7:30 in Kelowna  Nat. Pr. James Edgar
April 27, 2016                            7:15 at OSC
**May 28, 2016                           Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
June 15 2016                            7:15 at OSC

September 28, 2016                    7:15 at OSC                                        
October 18, 2016    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
      Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
 November 30, 2016                   7:15 at OSC
 December 14, 2016                    7:15 at OSC

* denotes the Annual General Meeting held at 7:15 at Okanagan College Kelowna

** denotes a combined meeting between the Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon Chapters


The Observatory www.okanaganobservatory.ca is in regular use, weather permitting. To learn how to access the location for observing please contact Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca. For the status of weekly public open nights call the Sky phone at at (250) 300-8SKY (8759) after 3:00PM Friday afternoons.