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Coming Meetings

Penticton meeting Mon. December 5

The December meeting will be held in conjunction with the Okanagan College Penticton Speakers Series
The presentation will be by DRAO Chief Engineer Gordon Lacey titled: 

'The Composite Radio Telescope Project at DRAO, an Update'. 

Gordon's talk will take place from 7 to 8.30pm in the Lecture theatre at the south end of the 
Ashnola building (Room PL107) of the Penticton campus of Okanagan College. 
Admission will be by donation in support of the Dire Straits Fund for 
Okanagan College students who are literally in dire straits financially.
Afterward, there will be a RASC-OC follow up gathering in Room PL 109 across the hall.
Please note the new meeting date, time and location.

Vernon meeting Wednesday, December 14

The Novice Pre-Meeting will take place at 6.30pm and will feature
Jerry Thompson 
on a subject to be announced.

The main program at 7.15pm  will feature Jim Kanester speaking on 
 '50 Ways to Polar Align your Telescope'. This will be an exploration of the many ways to polar align your telescope for both observing and astro imaging.

The pre-meeting session and the regular meeting will be held in the Heritage Hall to the right of the main entrance to the Okanagan Science Centre

Kelowna  meeting Tues. December 20

The COTM for this pre-Christmas meeting will be given by David Hawkins titled
'The Carrington Event of 1859'.

The main presentation will feature Colleen O'Hare speaking on 'Virtual Particles - and why I believe in them'aColleen will take us on a trip to the ridiculously small in both mass and time and provide a look at how they are the only thing that can make a black hole disappear.

The meeting will be held at 7:30pm at the Okanagan College KLO Campus but in a different room... the same Lab Building, but  Room C273Please note the new meeting room location.

For those interested, there will be a pre-meeting dinner at Masala Fusion featuring the cuisine of India. Advance booking is necessary, so please let Colleen know at least before December 13.  The menu can be found here: http://www.masalafusionkelowna.com/menu/html. Colleen advises that if you know what you want, let her know. If you want her to order a variety of items for a group, to total about $20 per person, let her know that as well. $20 would get you a samosa, saffron rice, naan, butter chicken, veg. or meat korma, mixed vegetables and cucumber raita. This is open to all RASC OC members. Be among the first 16 to respond!

Winter Solstice Observance Wed. Dec. 21 Pen Henge

 The winter solstice will take place at 2.44am on this shortest day of the year. Why not plan to be at the Pen Henge standing stone array on Munson Mountain in Penticton where interested people will join members of the Okanagan Centre of RASC for a solstice gathering around 2.45 to 3pm in anticipation of marking the dramatic sunset (if it is clear) at 3.27pm. At that time the Sun's shadow will extend from the winter solstice stone to the Heel Stone.

Vernon Meeting Group
- Okanagan Science Centre
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
See map

Kelowna Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Science building
KLO Road, Kelowna. 
See map

Penticton  Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Sunoka Building
583 Duncan Ave. W. Penticton

See map

Meetings held in Kelowna on the  Third Tuesday of the month starting in September 
at the
Okanagan College Science Building KLO Road

September 20, 2016    7:30 at OC
* October 18, 2016    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 15, 2016    7:30 at OC
December 20, 2016    7:30 at OC

January 17, 2017    7:30 at OC   
February 21, 2017  7:30 at OC
March 21, 2017      7:30 at OC       
April 18, 2017        7:30 at OC

May 15, 2017        7:30 at OC
**June 3, 2017    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)

Meetings held in Penticton on the dates indicated at Okanagan College Penticton. 
September 21, 2016       7:15 at OC (Wednesday)
*October 18, 2016    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 17, 2016         7:15 at OC
December 21, 2016         3pm at Munson Mt. then DRAO

January 19, 2017               7:15 at OC
February 16, 2017             7:15 at OC
March 16, 2017                  7:15 at OC
April 20, 2017                     
7:15 at OC
May 18, 2017                      7:15 at OC
**June 3, 2017    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)

Meetings held in Vernon on
the last Wednesday of the month
at the OSC Okanagan Science Centre (* exception)
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
September 28, 2016                    7:15 at OSC                                        
*October 18, 2016    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
      Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
 November 30, 2016                   7:15 at OSC
 December 14, 2016                    7:15 at OSC

January 25, 2017                      7:15 at OSC
February 22, 2017                    7:15 at OSC
March 29, 2017                         7:15 at OSC
April 26, 2017                            
7:15 at OSC
**June 3, 2017    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
June 14, 2017                            7:15 at OSC

* denotes the Annual General Meeting held at 7:15 at Okanagan College Kelowna

** denotes a combined meeting between the Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon Chapters


The Observatory www.okanaganobservatory.ca is in regular use, weather permitting. To learn how to access the location for observing please contact Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca. For the status of weekly public open nights call the Sky phone at at (250) 300-8SKY (8759) after 3:00PM Friday afternoons.