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RASC OK Centre Upcoming Meetings

Vernon meeting Wed. January 28

The pre-meeting session at 6.30 PM will feature a presentation by Hugh Carter of  'Star Magnitudes: How to Estimate A Star's Brightness Visually and Telescopically'.  

The main meeting will be a presentation by Murray Hainer and Jim Kanester on 'Stacking Images With Deep Sky Stacker'. Members should bring their laptops with the free DSS preloaded as we will be processing images. Link to the DSS programme download is at:


Also on the main program will be Observing Reports and Images from members and the  'January Mystery  Constellation' and 'January Observing Challenge'  issued by John Karlsson and Jim Kanester.

The pre-meeting gathering begins at 6.30pm with the regular meeting starting at 7.15pm, in the Heritage Hall of the Okanagan Science Centre (building to the right of the main Science Centre entrance on the northeast side of Polson Park just off Highway 6).

Kelowna meeting Tues. February 3

  The main presentation at the February meeting in Kelowna will feature  Alan Whitman  doing a presentation entitled 'Predicting Steady Astronomical Seeing and Finding Clear Eclipse Weather'. Alan will explain how to interpret weather charts and related data in order to predict those really great nights. Please be advised that this presentation will be held at the beginning of the meeting and business will be conducted after the break.

To allow Treasurer Dennis Krause extra time to present the Annual Budget
the Constellation of the Month will be dispensed with.

The meeting will be held at 7:30pm in the Lab Building at the Okanagan College Kelowna Campus
 in Room C368.

Penticton  meeting Thurs. February 5

Mark Force  will do his presentation on 'ipads, Tablets and Apps and Astronomy' for the February meeting in Penticton. There is a great variety of planetarium software available today and most of us have one or two favourites that we regularly use to plan obseving sessions or generate charts. While some of us do use them to guide our telescopes, this is usually done in a permanent observatory setup where AC power is abundant. Now, with the proliferation of portable devices like smart phones and tablet computers, it is easier than ever before to bring our software out into the field.
Mark Force has been using his iPad at the telescope for years and is eager to share his 
experiences and expertise with us. If you've ever wondered about bringing a tablet to an 
observing session, then this will be your invitation!

The meeting will be held at 7.15pm in the regular C O2 meeting room in the Sunoka building 
of the Penticton campus of Okanagan College.


Vernon Meeting Group
- Okanagan Science Centre
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
See map

Kelowna Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Science building
KLO Road, Kelowna. 
See map

Penticton  Meeting Group
Okanagan College
- Sunoka Building
583 Duncan Ave. W. Penticton

See map

Meetings held in Kelowna on the First Tuesday of the month until May, 
and then Fourth Tuesday of the month starting in September 
at the
Okanagan College Science Building KLO Road

January 6, 2015    7:30 at OC   
February 3, 2015  7:30 at OC
March 3, 2015       7:30 at OC       
April 7, 2015          7:30 at OC
May 5, 2015           7:30 at OC
May 23, 201
5    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)

               -------Summer Break -------

September 22, 2015    7:30 at OC
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 24, 2015    7:30 at OC
December 22, 2015    7:30 at OC

Meetings held in Penticton on the
First Thursday of the month until May, and then Fourth Thursday of the month starting in September 
at Okanagan College Penticton. 
January 8, 2015              7:15 at OC
February 5, 2015            7:15 at OC
March 5, 2015                 7:15 at OC
April 2, 2015                    7:15 at OC
May 7, 2015                     7:15 at OC
May 23, 2015    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)

-------Summer Break -------

September 24, 2015       7:15 at OC
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
   Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
November 26, 2015         7:15 at OC
December 17, 2015         7:15 at OC

Meetings held in Vernon on the last Wednesday of the month
Last Wednesday of the month at the
OSC Okanagan Science Centre
2704 Hwy 6, Vernon
January 28, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 February 25, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 March 25, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 April 29, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
 May 23, 2015    Gala Dinner (Kelowna 5PM)
 June 24, 2015                    7:15 at OSC

-------Summer Break -------

September 30, 2015                    7:15 at OSC
* October 27, 2015    7:15 at OC Kelowna (Tuesday)
     Joint meeting and AGM at OC Kelowna 
 November 25, 2015                   7:15 at OSC
 December 30, 2015                    7:15 at OSC

* denotes the Annual General Meeting held at 7:15 at Okanagan College Kelowna


The Observatory www.okanaganobservatory.ca is in regular use, weather permitting. To learn how to access the location for observing please contact Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca. For the status of weekly public open nights call the Sky phone at at (250) 300-8SKY (8759) after 3:00PM Friday afternoons.