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Annual General Meeting

RASC - Okanagan Centre

Tuesday April 4, 2023
Time: 7:30pm  Location: 

Room C-368 of the Science Building at the
Okanagan Campus on KLO Road in Kelowna

In addition to the important business meeting and election, for which we need your in-person attendance, we will also have the following special speaker:

Main Presentation: 

Dr. Harvey Richer
Professor of Physics and Astronomy, UBC

 Dr. Richer has been one of Canada’s major users of the Hubble Space Telescope leading three 100+ orbit programs studying globular star clusters. He has continued this trend by obtaining time on the James Webb Space Telescope in its first round of applications.

'The Formation of the First Planets'

When was the Universe first capable of supporting life? Likely this was preceded by the formation of the first planets.  Can we decide when that might have occurred?

In this talk Dr. Richer will discuss our search with the James Webb Space Telescope for solar system debris (destroyed planets, asteroids or comets) in an ancient globular star cluster. These clusters are 12 billion years old and discovery of debris could push the planet formation era back to the earliest stages of the universe.


Visitors are welcome, and can obtain the link by emailing our President well in advance at

Mark your calendar for the following Hybrid In-Person/Zoom meeting dates: 

[all at 7:30 pm]

May 2, 2023 in Kelowna
June 6, 2023 in Kelowna

No meetings in July or August for Summer Break