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FOCUS, the Okanagan Centre Newsletter is now available online as a .pdf file. The current issue may be found by 
clicking here

  Back issues are archived on the National RASC Web Site, or below. If you do not have Adobe's Acrobat Reader click here to get the most recent version. 
  The editor of FOCUS, Hugh Pett, welcomes all variety of submissions for inclusion. You only need to have a good story to tell - Hugh will help you polish the text properly. Contact him at hughirenep@gmail.com with your ideas, writings, observing notes, pictures, . . . Hugh will also gladly add your email address to the list of recipients of FOCUS by email.


SkyNews, the Canadian magazine of astronomy and stargazing, is our guide to observing the night sky. Each issue provides a seasonal star chart, stunning celestial photos, expert equipment advice, and the latest developments in the world of astronomy.

SkyNews is now owned by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. To reach the SkyNews website's many features which include 'This Week's Sky' and 'Aurora Watch', simply click on the 'SkyNews' link above.