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Sidewalk Astronomy

  Sidewalk astronomy is available as a member activity between every first quarter and full moon. That is when the Moon will be conveniently placed in the evening sky for public observing sessions.
  We set up our telescopes to share the sky with the public. You can most likely find us at the Wall Mart shopping center parking lot in Kelowna (and soon to be organized locations in Vernon and Penticton). Despite the light pollution there, we enjoy observing lunar craters, available planets, and colourful double stars.      We also watch Iridium satellites and the International Space Station pass over. If you are interested in participating in a Kelowna session please contact Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca or Kelowna Outreach Coordinator Colleen O’Hare at outreachkelowna@shaw.ca 

  The Vernon Outreach Coordinators are: Hugh Carter freshenup@shaw.ca
and Raffaelle Sachianca  esposito_raffaele@libero.it

  The Penticton Outreach Coordinator is Al Fishler Al_Fishler@telus.net

To subscribe for regular email updates on Sidewalk Astronomy, please email outreachkelowna@shaw.ca

Visit our Sidewalk Reports page for photos and stories!

For more information email outreachkelowna@shaw.ca.