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Minutes of the regular monthly meeting
held in Kelowna on January 2, 2018

Minutes of the regular monthly meeting, held on January 2, 2018 in Kelowna at Okanagan College, room C-368.

Secretary Christine Janzen

Attended by 19 members; 3 Guests

Call to Order 7:32 PM
Motion by John Carpenter to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting.
Seconded by Guy Mackie
Adopted unanimously

Observing Reports Jim Failes reported he observed the occultation (reappearance) of Aldebaran, on the afternoon of Dec. 30th. He also reminded us of the upcoming pre-dawn Super Blue Moon Eclipse on Jan 31st.

Officers Reports

Dennis Krause reported Current Bank Account Information: Club / General Acct: $ 7,774.29 Gaming Acct: $ 857.99 Observatory: $ 22,092.03 Total Cash on Deposit $ 30,724.31 Council Approved Reserve / Restricted Funds for Future Projects = $ 26,348
Plus Gaming Acct amount of $ 857.99 is automatically restricted.

National Rep:
Richard Christie reported there have been discussions regarding an expected increase in Membership fees in order to cover operating costs. There has been a request for specific details of why the money is needed. There has not been an increase in many years, so a catch up has been recommended and a cost of living increase in future years. The details will be discussed over the next few months and will require approval at the next AGM.

Colleen O’Hare provided books on cosmic distances.
She informed members of the Eclipse Book, for everyone who witnessed the eclipse, including those who saw it from Kelowna. Sign it, write a little about your experience either in the book or send her a doc.

Observatory Director:
Guy Mackie attempted to contact Lands & Forest regarding the status of our OO application. He was able to leave several messages, but has no news to report.

Outreach: Kelowna:
Colleen O’Hare reported she has just a few presentations this month, mostly to young children.

Dave Hawkins reported we have 133 members, the same as last year. We do expect some members to leave, so please consider recruiting some new faces.

John & Anita brought RASC merchandise - 2018 calendars, T-shirts.

Special Committee Reports

2018 Gala:
Christine Janzen reminded members to start gathering Silent Action donations.

Claude Lapointe presented “First in Space – The Story of Laika”

Colleen O’Hare presented “The Incredible 5cm Universe. Size and Scale of the Cosmos in Just 4 Steps”.

50/50 Draw: won by Dave Hawkins
Meeting Adjourned: 9:10 PM