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Minutes of the regular monthly meeting
held in Kelowna on February 21, 2017

Secretary - Olaf Lutz

Minutes of the regular monthly meeting, held February 21,2017 in Kelowna at Okanagan College, room C-368.
Attended by 23 members
Call to Order 7:35 PM
Motion by John Carpenter to adopt the minutes of the previous meeting.
Seconded by Harry Dixon
Adopted unanimously.
Observing Reports:
Officers Reports:
Treasurer’s Report for Tuesday, February 21, 2017
General / Club Acct: $ 6,796.07 Observ. Acct: $ 21,477.16 [ $ 19,738 restricted ]
$ 14,738 for the DC Bldg. Fund
$ 5,000 for acquisition of Quality Eyepieces
Gaming Acct: $ 6,991.09
  A week or so back we were advised that our “request for review” of our 2017 Gaming Grant Application was successful. An additional $ 1,900 was granted. The 2017 Grant Total now is $ 7,500
Dennis Krause then delivered the Annual Financial Report.

  Motion by Zoli Boda that the Treasurer’s Report contained in the Centre’s 2016 Financial Statements covering Revenue & Expense, as well as the Balance Sheet as at Dec 31, 2016 be adopted as presented.
Seconded by: Jim Tisdale All in Favour: Carried

Motion by Jim Failes that the Centre’s 2017 Budget as presented by the Treasurer be adopted as presented.
Seconded by: Claude Lapointe All in Favour: Carried

Colleen brought the following to the meeting:
NASA DVDs, books on asteroids and meteorites
She recently acquired some publications from DRAO including:
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Vol 208 (1989) – 340 (1998)
American Journal of Physics
Vol 46 (1978) – 60 (1992)
Monthly Notices of the RAS
Vol 292 (1998) – 301 (1998)
Astronomical Journal
Vol 55 (1940) – 92 (1986)
Planetary and Space Science
Vol 12 (1964) – 42 (1992)
Astrophysics and Space Science
Vol 1 (1968) – 222 (1994)
Origins of Life
Vol 9 (Sept, Dec 1978, Jul 1979) – 10 (Mar, Jun, Sept, Dec 1980)
Astrophysical Letters
Vol 1 (1967) – 31 (1995)
Vol 101 (1993) – 114 (1995)

Observatory Director:
  The next Okanagan Observatory Committee meeting will be held on March 26, 2017 at 1:30 PM, at the Kelowna Curling Club.

  Hugh announced that he would suspend publication of “Focus” until such time as a new direction and purpose could be determined. Hugh, invited member input to help him attain that goal.


  Upcoming Outreach Opportunities
Cancer Rotary Lodge, 2nd Tues of each month, next March 14
Wed, March 8, 6:30 pm, East Kelowna community Hall, Cadets, ppt and scopes
Thurs, March 9, 7 pm, 1680 Westlake Rd, Rose Valley Elem, scopes
Alt days, Mon, March 6 and Tues, March 7
Wed, March 22, 2:30 pm, 514 Cliff Ave, Enderby Library
  If for whatever reason your membership lapses and you are doing OR, please let me know asap as you will not able to do outreach, insurance purposes. All members doing OR must also have a CRC done.

Jim Kanester reported on upcoming Vernon events.
131 members, up 9 over this month, last year.

Directors Reports:
Jim Failes reminded us of the grazing occultation of Aldebaran, that could be observed from Osoyoos.

Special Committees:
Jim Tisdale reported that Kelowna has chosen 3000 K or lower lights for their lighting replacement program. And that a consultant was being brought in by the City.

Gala Committee:
Jim Failes will host this year’s Gala. The date has been set at June 10, 2017. Tickets will become available in March and cost $40.00

Main Presentation:
Anita Carpenter presented “NASA’s Newly Selected Missions of Discovery to Asteroids”

Meeting Adjourned: 9:25 PM