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The May 2019
President's Message


Hello Everyone,
  As many of you have not met me before, let me introduce myself. I am a Watchmaker running a shop out of my home in Kelowna. I have a number of hobbies such as; computers, electronics, auto mechanics, ham radio and of course Astronomy.
  I have been a member of the RASC off and on since 1991, when I bought my first telescope a Newtonian OMCRON 6” (150mm) f9. It had a spindly metal mount and was usable but very frustrating. So, I built a Dobson mount for it based on plans from one of the astronomy magazines. It worked wonderfully and that had me hooked. It turned out that the 6-inch was a great first telescope, I took it up to Mount Kobau with me in 1992 and won a price for first-time telescope build. (I think I was the only entry for that category ;-)
  Since then I have built and repaired a number of scopes and very much enjoy that aspect of the hobby. I now have a 5-inch SCT, a 16-inch Meade light bridge (with added digital setting circles) and a project 10-inch f8 that is in the process being assembled. The scope you see in the picture is a 10” Meade SCT owned by the club that I am testing out. I like to observe and have many hours of star-hopping under my belt, but what I really love to do, is create or repair something and then test it out under a clear night sky.
  I hope to see you soon at a meeting or event.

                                                                                Clear skies,
                                                                                Allen Royston