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The November 2016
President's Report
from Olaf Lutz...

Did You Know?
The Annual General meeting was held in Kelowna at Okanagan College on the 27th of October, 2015. The keynote speaker was Dr. Ken Tapping from the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory. Ken’s talk was entitled “Does Ground-Based Astronomy Have a Future”. In case you missed the meeting, be advised that optical astronomy will probably be okay, radio astronomy, maybe not. Additionally, Jim Tisdale presented a brief introduction to neutrinos focussing on their production in fusion reactions in the Sun’s core.
Unfortunately, because of the unexpectedly low attendance, only four of the six nominees for directorships could be elected. The number of directors, including officers, that we can elect must be fewer that one half the number of attendees to the AGM.
 A new council was, nonetheless, chosen and it looks like this:
President:  Olaf Lutz
Vice President-Vernon:  Jerry Thompson
Vice President-Kelowna:  David Hawkins
Vice President-Penticton:  Chris Purton
Secretary:  Dennis Krause
Treasurer:  Dennis Krause
Observatory Director:  Guy Mackie
Librarian:  Colleen O’Hare
Jim Failes, Grant Thompson, Zoli Boda, Dave Gamble
Past President:
This position is not settled yet as outgoing president David Player has left the club and will therefore be unable to serve. The matter will be addressed at the first meeting of the new council and dealt with at that time.

National Representative:
Richard Christie, will continue as the National Representative.
Upcoming Meetings:

Kelowna: November 24, 2015
at Okanagan College, Kelowna Campus
Andrew Bennett will speak on Past and Future Moon Missions while Olaf Lutz will fill the COTM spot with a brief look at time dilation.

Vernon: November 25, 2015
at Okanagan Science Centre
John Karlsson and Jim Kanester will present a Mystery Constellation and Observing and Imaging Challenges for December.

Penticton:  November 26, 2015
at Okanagan College, Penticton Campus
Chris Purton will give the main presentation on a topic to be announced.

Astronomical Picture of the Month:
 For the November Picture of the Month Mark Force handled things for co-Selection Committee member Sharon Carter. Mark commented on the wide selection including some imagers who haven't contributed in awhile and some who regularly post pictures, all of whom deserve recognition for their works. "I love the opportunity to review but as all of you know, it can be challenging!"

  The November Picture of the Month is 'Horsehead Panorama' by Dave Gamble which caught the eye of both Mark and his wife Sharon ‘The Oracle of Peachland' which can be seen here: http://rascoc.zenfolio.com/p538670507/h3abdbfef#h3abdbfef. Other short-listed contenders included: Shawn Berglund's 'Aurora over Vernon' "because the composition had urban and celestial elements”; Debra and Peter Ceravolo's 'Aurora Meets Milky Way' which Mark said was still in the running; Jim Failes' 'Rhapsody (and the Planets) in Blue' and 'Conjunction Conductor'; and David Player's 'The Skull Nebula' which he noted has a terrific amount of detail.

  Also be sure to check out a number of other new uploads by Shawn Berglund, Jim Failes and James Kanester,  together with many other outstanding photos and sketches in our Zenfolio gallery at http://rascoc.zenfolio.com/f166015629 .

Okanagan Observatory:
The Observatory remains open in spite of the couple of centimeters snow that fell on Halloween. Weather permitting, we may get another week or two of potential use for this year. Get your dew heaters out and keep your fingers crossed.

 Clear Sky Chart-Okanagan Observatory
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-National
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-Okanagan Centre

Olaf Lutz