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The November 2014
President's Report
from Colleen O'Hare...

Joint Meeting and

Tues. November 4

Our Annual General Meeting is a joint one in Kelowna and it will include the annual election of officers. The Nominating Committee is expected to have a full slate of candidates, and this can be added to from the floor, so if you would like to play a part in the operation of our center, please consider running.

We need you there!

The number of people we can elect to our Council depends on the number of voting members that are at the meeting! To ensure a complete Council we need you in attendance!
Please note that the meeting will be held at 7:15pm in the Lab Building at the Okanagan College Kelowna Campus in Room C368.
Our special guest speaker will be Dr. Ben Tippett of UBCO who will talk on 'Curved Spacetime Bubbles and Time Travel'. Dr. Tippett's talk will be based on a paper he co-authored with Dr. David Tsang titled: 'Traversable Achronal Domains In Spacetime'. This presentation has already been enthusiastically received by the Thompson Rivers University Undergraduate Physics Society and the UBC Physics Department, to name but two.
Dr. Tippett received a Bachelor of Science, Honours Physics degree from UBC in 2003, and received his Master of Science in Physics from Queens University in 2006. A PhD. in Mathematics was added from the University of New Brunswick in 2011. Dr. Tippett has published a number of papers on such topics as: 'Gravitational collapse of Quantum Matter', 'Closest Safe Approach to an Accreting Black Hole', 'Gravitational Lensing as a Mechanism for Effective Cloaking', and a host of others.
In the field of pod-casting, Dr. Tippett produces 'The Titanium Physicists Podcast', a great podcast where physicists explain an interesting topic from advanced physics in ways understandable to the non-physicist. Look for it at titaniumphysicists.brachiolopemedia.com or Google 'Titanium Physicists' to find out how the inside of a neutron star is like a trailer park full of bag-pipers.

Calendars will be available at the meeting, $20. Pictures from members Debra and Peter Ceravolo are featured on the cover and for April and November.

Picture of the Month
Mark Force again tackled what he described as "a veritable plethora of astronomical booty" to select the November Picture of the Month for our Zenfolio gallery. In looking over the candidates he started with Shawn Berglund's new gallery, "and immediately zoomed into pictures 2&3" of the October 23 partial solar eclipse." He commented, "I love the terrestrial and the astronomical element in these pictures," which he said were timely in more ways than one. "The eclipse was just last week and the pictures have a spooky feeling to them," which he said was quite appropriate for Halloween. "Both of them are fantastic entries and I had to resort to the Canadian Executive Decision Maker tool (a nickel) to help me decide." The November Picture of the Month is #3 in Shawn's list which can be seen here: http://rascoc.zenfolio.com/p229933384/h568faf0#h568faf0
 Other candidates included pictures of the partial solar eclipse by Debra and Peter Ceravolo and Hugh Pett and other photos by Jim Failes, Vlado Neykov, David Player and Patricia Reid.
Additional pictures by Dave Gamble (Sept.) and John Karlsson (Oct.) were ineligible due to our two month waiting period.
Zenfolio moderator Dave Gamble welcomes the opportunity to add new galleries for other interested members, and reminds participants that new photo uploads should be placed at the beginning of their galleries.

Editor Hugh Pett welcomes submissions of astronomy observations, experiences and other ideas and topics. Deadline for material is the 8th of the month, to be published on the 15th; September to June.

www ocrasc ca 
The club website is updated by Andrew Bennett and Dave Gamble with a view to providing everything you ever wanted to know about Okanagan Centre RASC. As well as Outreach and many other club activity pages, the What's Up page provides heads up notes of what is in the sky on particular nights. The About Us page links to the club Library and other services. The website is also a portal to many links including our Zenfolio Image Gallery.

What's Up
Remember to check out Dave Gamble’s ‘What’s Up’ page for a whole month full of observing musts as well at pictures contributes to by Jim Failes.
As well, Dave will be regularly sending What’s Up information to everyone on the AstroOkanagan email discussion group. Another great reason to join in!

Google Group
The Google Discussion Group is a real-time link between members of our OC RASC meeting groups. A message might give you a heads-up on a new celestial phenomenon, an alert about an Outreach event you could take part in or other timely news. You can start to receive the messages by contacting Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca or Mikkel Steine at deepskygazer@gmail.com.

Colleen O’Hare
President, RASC OC