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The April 2018
President's Message

The 2018 Gala tickets are Now Available

  Tickets are now on sale for the 2018 RASC-Okanagan Gala.
  Colleen O’Hare will be at the upcoming monthly meetings and is the main ticket
seller. There are very few meetings remaining before the event, so get your
tickets ASAP. Tickets are $45 each and may be purchased with cash or cheque.
Be sure to advise Colleen at the time of ticket purchase if a vegetarian meal is to
be reserved for that ticket. Family and friends are welcome to come to the Gala.

Event details:
Speaker: Ken Hewitt-White - Outreach: Connecting People to the Stars
Date: Saturday May 26, 2018
Location: Kelowna Curling Club, 551 Recreation Avenue, Kelowna.
Time: Open 5:00pm; Dinner 6:30pm; Speaker 8:00pm

  If you are unable to attend a monthly meeting, you can also purchase your tickets
by contacting Colleen: chohare@shaw.ca
  As in previous years, there will be a Silent Auction at the Gala. We are looking for
items and services for the auction. Many businesses are interested in promoting
their products and services and this is a good means for them to reach our
members. Do you have a relative or friend in business? Or, do you shop
somewhere frequently? Ask them if they would place an item in our auction—
they will probably say yes! I have attached a PDF file to this email to list and
submit details of donations for the silent auction. If each Centre member had one
donation toward the Auction, then 2018 Silent Auction would be the most
successful ever. Let’s all do our part!
  Proceeds from the Gala go toward the funding of the Okanagan Observatory.
  I will see you at the KCC on Saturday, May 26th!
David Hawkins, RASC-Okanagan President 2018
Contact: david-hawkins@shaw.ca

  2018 RASC General Assembly will be in Calgary from June 28 to July 1, 2018.
Registration is now open: https://rascga2018.ca/

  Okanagan College Speaker Series at the Penticton Campus.
Monday, April 9, 2018: Dr. Alex Hill
“Star Stuff: Star formation, interstellar gas, that the Canadian Hydrogen
Intensity Mapping Experiment”
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm.
Place: Lecture Theatre (PL 107) Ashnola Building, OC - Penticton Campus.
  If you are involved in any RASC related activity that you would like other members
to be aware of, then please email me. I can let our members know through the
monthly message. Of course, you can also communicate with other members
through AstroOkanagan.

APRIL 2018:

Kelowna: Tuesday April 3, 2018
_ 7:30pm. Okanagan College Kelowna KLO Campus
- Lab Building, Room C-368
- COTM: Terry Bridges: RECON. See: tnorecon.net
- Main: Dave Gamble: Voyager 2 – The Uranus Encounter

Penticton: Thursday April 5, 2018
- 7:15pm. Okanagan College Penticton Campus
- SunOka Building Room C 02

Vernon: Wednesday April 25, 2018
- Heritage Hall, Okanagan Science Centre, Vernon
- 6:30pm. Novice Pre-Meeting: TBA
- 7:15pm. TBA

  Your RASC membership fees pay for coffee at our meetings. However, cookies are
not covered. So, please toss some coins in the direction of the stray Kitty.
Please see the RASC-Okanagan website for meeting updates and further details.


  The Centre website provides everything you ever wanted to know about RASCOkanagan,
as well as Outreach and many other club activities. The “What's Up”
page provides heads up notes of what is in the sky nights. The “About Us” page
links to the club Library and other services.
Website: www.ocrasc.ca

APRIL 2018 with Mark Force and Sharon Carter

“Ceravolo Observatory with Sirius and Orion setting”
by Peter Ceravolo
  Picture of the Month Selection Committee members Mark Force and Sharon
Carter took advantage of the mainly cloudy weather last week to review the
available pictures in our Zenfolio image gallery, noting "We all know here are
many wonderful gems in the member’s portfolios with many of them waiting in
the wings."
  Their choice for the April 2018 Picture of the Month is Peter Ceravolo's picture of
'Ceravolo Observatory with Sirius and Orion setting' which was taken from their
home on Anarchist Mountain east of Osoyoos early on a December morning.
Sharon commented, "It has been a long-overcast winter in the valley. For me, this
picture has a promise that sustained me when the skies were so overcast. It seems
perfectly timed and may not elicit the same response when the weather provides
a better canvas."
  Mark commented, "The observatory, glistening with frost/snow, catching the
colour of the dawn. A lovely contrast with smooth foreground snow and the
horizontal slash of the glowing horizon. All the elements are in this Astro Scene -
mountains, the terrestrial piece, clouds, dawn’s glow & stars. Good focus, colours
are well balanced as are the main elements in the picture. I wonder where the
red light below Sirius is coming from? Also, closer inspection reveals the Orion
Nebula and the faint glow of the Rosette Nebula. The picture could easily be
framed.” http://rascoc.zenfolio.com/p72248332/e9ffb2826
  The Picture of the Month and many more outstanding shots can be found
at http://rascoc.zenfolio.com/f166015629

 – by Jim Kanester

  Below is the link to the April 2018 Observing Challenges:
For April 2018, Jim has selected:
_- Easy Challenge: Ferrero 6 – The Eiffel Tower Star Cluster
- Difficult Challenge: M94 Galaxy

  Are you are wondering what the Ferrero Catalog is? Here is a link to the site:
The webpage is an interesting blog and offers a challenge to see how much French
you remember from your childhood days when you read the back of cereal boxes.
Question: How many star clusters and asterisms are there in the Ferrero
Catalog? 7, 28, 53 or 87?
  These challenges give some direction to our observing and a good reason to get
outside to look at the night sky, either alone or with friends and family. Once
again, a thank you to Jim Kanester.

  The observatory webpage is www.okanaganobservatory.ca
Friday public viewings nights will restart in the Spring.
RASC-Okanagan members may use the observatory site at any time they choose.
However, members must advise one of the security team before proceeding to
the observatory, so the alarms can be turned off in advance.

– by Guy Mackie
  Your Okanagan Centre has many telescopes and other accessories that are
available for members to rent at very reasonable rates.
Optical observation equipment that is available for members to try out include:
Personal Solar Telescope, 6” Skywatcher Refractor, 8” SCT, Astroscan 4” widefield
reflector, Meade ETX 60. There are additional telescopes, observing aids,
fittings, diagonals and other eyepieces that members can borrow for a test run.
Observing equipment is rent-free for public outreach events.
  If you would like to borrow a scope, or learn more about the equipment resources
you can access, contact Guy Mackie guy.m@shaw.ca or 250-861-3074

  Another great reason to join in!
  The Google Discussion Group is a real-time link between members of our RASCOkanagan
meeting groups. A message might give you a heads-up on a new
celestial phenomenon, an alert about an Outreach event you could take part in
or other timely news.
Contact: Guy Mackie guy.m@shaw.ca

David Hawkins david-hawkins@shaw.ca