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The October 2015
President's Report
from David Player...

   Please make every effort to be at the October 27 joint meeting in Kelowna as this is the A.G.M.
  Judging by comments I've heard and read, the recent lunar eclipse was thoroughly enjoyed throughout southern BC.

  This time of year can often result in excellent observing conditions. However, by later this month, overnight fog will frequently obscure the sky. So take advantage while you can. There are a few places which often are above the fog however. The best of these near Kelowna is of course the observatory before the snow flies. Also you may consider the old observing posts on Goudie Road as well as the Brenda Mines chain-up area. The latter especially handy for those living on the west side of the lake.
Okanagan Observatory

  Members may use the observatory at any time they choose. Please advise one of the security team before proceeding to the observatory so alarms can be turned off/on in advance. Please let the public know about the Friday night public nights and to ensure they listen to the message on the Okanagan Observatory Event Phone, at 250-300-8SKY (8759) before they proceed to the observatory.

  Please feel very welcome to utilize the many assets at the observatory, and exercise your right to participate in the development of this very special community resource.
Security Team:
Guy Mackie guy.m@shaw.ca 250-469-3112
Hugh Pett hughirenep@gmail.com 250-762-3858
Grant Rice Grant Rice

Next Meetings
Kelowna – Tuesday October 27, 2015 7:30pm in Room C368 at Okanagan College on KLO
road Kelowna.
Penticton – Tuesday October 27, 2015 7:30pm in Room C368 at Okanagan College on KLO
road Kelowna.
Vernon - Tuesday October 27, 2015 7:30pm in Room C368 at Okanagan College on KLO
road Kelowna.
Topic and Speaker: Annual General Meeting

Picture of the Month
 Photographs of the September 27 Total Lunar Eclipse dominated the attention of Picture of the Month Selection Committee members Mark Force and Sharon Carter in determining the winner of the October honour. Mark and Sharon commented that the selection was made easier since the subject matter was already chosen, however the quality of the submissions proved otherwise. Mark and Sharon plus 'The Oracle of Peachland' (Mark's wife Anita) were unanimous in selecting Debra Ceravolo's photograph of the eclipsed Moon framed dramatically in the branches of a dead tree which can be seen here: http://rascoc.zenfolio.com/p72248332/h59ec941d#h59ec941d

     Mark noted that he especially liked the celestial/terrestrial compositions which produce a tension in the pictures. Others on their short list included 'Lunar Eclipse over Middleton Mt.' by Shawn Berglund, Dave Whalley's 'Lunar Eclipse Rising', David Player's 'Lunar Eclipse #2' and Dave Gamble's 'Eclipse over Giant's Head'. Also be sure to check out some new eclipse photos and others by Jim Failes which have just been uploaded. The above pictures and many more can be found in our Zenfolio gallery at http://rascoc.zenfolio.com/f166015629 .

Editor Hugh Pett welcomes submissions of astronomy observations, experiences and other ideas and topics. Deadline for material is the 8th of the month, to be published on the 15th, September to June.

Website www ocrasc ca
  The club website is updated by Andrew Bennett and Dave Gamble with a view to providing everything you ever wanted to know about Okanagan Centre RASC. As well as Outreach and many other club activity pages, the What's Up page provides heads up notes of what is in the sky on particular nights. The About Us page links to the club Library and other services. The website is also a portal to many links including our Zenfolio Image Gallery.

What's Up
Remember to check out Dave Gamble’s ‘What’s Up’ page for a whole month full of observing musts as well at pictures contributes to by Jim Failes. As well, Dave will be regularly sending What’s Up information to everyone on the AstroOkanagan email discussion group. Another great reason to join in!

Google Group
  The Google Discussion Group is a real-time link between members of our OC RASC meeting groups. A message might give you a heads-up on a new celestial phenomenon, an alert about an Outreach event you could take part in or other timely news. You can start to receive the messages by contacting Guy Mackie at guy.m@shaw.ca or Mikkel Steine at deepskygazer@gmail.com.

David Player
President, RASC OC